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Fish Farming Project Progress

In addition to paying school fees for orphaned children, Musoke has also helped to jump start a community fish farming business in Lwanjaba village to help the people earn a steady income. Proceeds from the business will be used to support daily life needs, children's educational expenses, and put into savings. Below is a summary of the two training workshops held prior to COVID-19 lockdowns; the attachment contains pictures from these events. Thank you for helping these projects get started!

(for background on why we are supporting this fish farming project, please see our blog post from May 2020 on the Lake Victoria fishing crisis

Charles Mugerwa leading the first training session on the fish farming project, March 8, 2020.

Summary of Workshops held on 8th March 2020 for 3 hours and on 14th March 2020 for 8 hours (by Charles Mugerwa).

The Two workshops have been held to train TCDF Guardians how they will start and operate the Cage Fish farming Project. The identified Cage Fishing Expert has also completed his proposal and budget for the project implementation which was followed. Guardians at the workshop were taught also how to start the Culture of saving money and how to purchase shares and qualify as the project owners. Also taught was, how proceeds will be used to purchase books, provide lunch and uniform for children, while remaining money will be allocated to Life Care schemes, to be started for enabling Guardians and Students improve living situations at home. Guardians formed groups and each group elected leaders who will in future attend a Training Course to be conducted by the Expert to equip them with Cage fish farming and marketing skills for running the project. Other elected guardians will be taught how to run the life Care Schemes which includes: education, health care, economics, welfare, home development, shelter and dressing, transport and travels etc.

Guardians raising their hands after being asked who would like to be involved in the fish farming project.

Download PDF • 12.06MB

Additional photos from the training workshops

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