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May I have this dance?

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, sitting in the cool shade under the tent, drinking some water. I was soaking in the uplifting songs and dances, vibrant colors, enthusiastic smiles, and heartwarming speeches from the children, their guardians, and our partners at the Tedd Community Development Foundation. What a wonderful day, a true blessing to meet and spend time with the children that Musoke International has had the privilege to help over the past few years. I felt God's presence, and marveled at what He did in this place, bringing all of us together, presenting the opportunity to work with all of YOU to make a positive impact in their lives and shine the light of His love into some of the dark times these children face. My serene moment of reflection was interrupted by a small hand grabbing my hand. I looked up and met the gaze of some children grinning ear to ear, inviting me...all of come dance with them. The music pulsed out of the speakers. Oh no. As Anna, Emma, and I tentatively stood up to join them, the children and guardians started hooting and cheering with delight. Yes, indeed this would be entertaining for everyone! We shyly made our way to the dance area and tried our best to follow the childrens' lead. Left-right-turn-oops back right-smile... I coached myself as though it was a country line dancing lesson...try to plant yourself in the middle of the group, Rebekah, in case they change direction then you have someone to follow! I did follow along ok...years of rigorous ballet training helped me reasonably well in this unexpected spotlight...but I would not call myself a natural-born booty-shaker by any stretch! Still, what fun to try, surrounded by friendly and encouraging smiles. Very glad I said yes. So glad, in fact, that I got up again voluntarily to join the guardians with their dance a few minutes later! Woot-woot! It was such a blessing to be with them, among them, laughing and experiencing something together, elbow-to-elbow. To connect with them, understand their joys and sorrows, aspirations and challenges, and try to build something together. This is something truly special about Musoke, that I don't take for granted at all. We have been given the gift of connecting personally with this community...we know exactly who we are helping, and they are so appreciative! With projects like the new fish farming endeavor, we can do this with them so they can start a sustainable business that will give the guardians a chance to earn a steady income. We are forever grateful to the Tedd Community Development Foundation, who works so hard on the ground to make all of this happen. We're dancing, folks, we said yes, and just look at all the wonderful things that God is doing! It would not have been possible without your support!

Fast forward to about 3 minutes to see Musoke dance!

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