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Independence Day is Coming Soon!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Hello everyone. Independence Day is just around corner this year, but many of the celebrations will not happen due to COVID 19. One of the privileges we celebrate is the education that we provide to all children, which helps to provide equal opportunity for success. Unfortunately, most countries are not like ours. In Uganda, if you want your child to attend school, you have to pay for it. Uganda has many orphan children who have no way to fund their own education. At Musoke International, we fund the education of 130 plus students per year. Currently, most of our orphans come from the Lwanjaba fishing village outside of Entebbe. We want you to be involved! $140 funds a student for an entire year; AND with Musoke, when you donate $140, $140 goes to Uganda to assist our students. Our donors pay 0% of overhead. Small donations create huge impact, so please, RSVP for our Faith Family Fun Day - use this link to register:

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