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Musoke store - here's your chance to shop in person!

i everyone! We have a few items remaining from our Musoke store. We will bring these crafts to Faith Family Fun day this Sunday from 1-4pm at the Rigden Barn, where you will have the opportunity to peruse them in person! We have crafts handmade by the childrens' guardians in Uganda! Visit the Events page on our website to register for Sunday's fundraiser, the Shop page to shop online, or as always, the Donate page to contribute to our mission. Thank you!

Teddy Nakayiki's mother, weaving mats.

Brian and Rebekah with all of the guardians of the children being supported by Musoke International.

We have colorful handmade baskets left!

A pink-rimmed straw hat, scarves, many pairs of mens, women's and some kids sandals, and a few bags remain to find homes! (some items in this photo have been sold)

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